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Alkohol TEST©

Driving vehicle is subject to alcohol limits of 0.5 in the blood, ZuhauseTEST can detect easily alcohol ration in the blood.

This tester used to measure alcohol content in the air. It determines alcohol values of 0.2%. 0.5% and 0.8% per thousand.

Lowest alcohol value is 0.2% per mile alcohol in the blood which correspond to 0.1 mg/L alcohol in the breath. The ration of 0.2% in the blood can affect the ability to drive a vehicle which poses threat to life and health and safety of road users.

The alcohol content in the blood increases within one hour from the moment of consumption of alcohol. And it’s different from person to another even in genders.

The kit contains: glass tube, active substance in the form of absorbent granules, filters, aluminum foil and two securing attachment.

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Alkohol TEST©