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Delice Solution (Hair Spray)


Delice® Solution is an effective solution against head lice and nits infestation by engulfing respiratory system of the lice and nits preventing oxygen from reaching. Delice active ingredient is Dimethicone which is well known ingredient used in antiflatulence products and also used in many cosmetic products as a conditioner.

Delice® Solution:

  • Complete eradication of lice and nits after a single use.
  • All the lice and nits will be dead in 10 minutes.
  • Pesticide-free, no neurotoxic pesticide.
  • Resistance to Delice® Solution is unlikely to develop because it uses a physical mode of action to eradicate head lice and nits.
Active Ingredients Dimethicone Blend
Indication Anti Lice + Nits
Dosage One Application on Dry Hair
Delice Solution (Hair Spray)