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OvuQUICK© Test Cassette

OvuQUICK is home use test to detect qualitative LH surge in the urine with accuracy of 99.0% therefore it can be used to predicts that the ovulation will take place in the next 24-36 hours.

You can use different testing methods to determine the fertile days such like: testing stripes, test sticks and test cassette. The advantage of OvuQUICK is that it is using cassette technique which also used by doctors and other professionals in order to check ovulation as precise as possible.

15% of German couples are fertile and 3 to 4% of them remain without children for rest of their lives. A woman has 4 to 5 fertile days in each month and the ovulation test OvuQUICK took helps women to figure out her fertility days in case she has family planning.

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OvuQUICK© Test Cassette