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Sorafine Foam


A 3% urea non-comedogenic foam moisturizer with aloe Vera and chamomile.

The light texture rich foam is instantly absorbed and provides intense hydration, helping to treat and prevent skin irritation. It is hypoallergenic.

Suitable for those who are exposed to water and humid conditions, cleaning products or other irritating factors.

  • Free from artificial colors, parabens and other preservatives.
  • Absorbed more quickly into the skin, and does not have a sticky feel.
  • Intensive moisturizing foam for adults and children over 6 months.
Active Ingredients 3% Urea - Aloe Vera- Chamomile
Description Hydrating Foam (Proderm Technology)
Indication Dry Senstive and Chapped Skin
Indication When Needed
Sorafine Foam